Zoom Security. Keep your Video Conferencing Safe

Zoom is taking more steps to improve the security of its video conferencing app, after facing massive criticism about the lack of privacy and security in its platform. It is making its security features easier to access by consolidating them in a single button that users can access during a video call.

Zoom’s user base as grown exponentially over the last few months, hitting 200 million daily active users as of the end of March. By contrast, at the end of December it had 10 million daily active users.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, Zoom made its premium features free for users in China and then for schools.

One of the main security tips is: Don’t publicly share your Zoom “Meeting ID.” Send it directly to the people you want on the call. Set a password for the meeting, then share that only with the right people. Make sure “screen sharing” is set to “Host Only.

You can always visit Zoom Security.

Here are ten ways to secure Zoom


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