Who’s entitled to a pay increase?

personal-106805“Am I entitled to a pay increase?”, you often hear people ask.

There always seems to be such controversy and debate around salary increases for many reasons, lack of knowledge, here say, the list goes on.  I read an interesting article which brings to light many facts regarding pay increases.

In an article dated 26 April 2010 Elsabé Huysamen poses the question “Who’s entitled to a pay increase?”

Employers are regularly faced with the question of whether their employees should receive salary increases.

No guarantee of an increase

Huysamen explains: “Even if there is no guarantee of an increase, employers who are running into financial problems, but whose employees might expect an increase, should at least inform the employees of their difficulties and their decision not to implement an increase well in advance. Not doing so is harmful to good workplace relations and opens up the risk of unfair labour practice complaints.”

Annual salary increase

The basic rule is that employees do not have a right to an annual salary increase, unless it is: stipulated in an employee’s contract of employment; determined by a collective agreement between the employer and a trade union or by a bargaining council agreement; or set down by a sectoral determination applicable to the sector within which the employer operates.

Read the whole article about  who is entitled to a salary increase here.

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