Training Material

Best Practices for Development, Delivery, and Evaluation.
Being a good training provider takes preparation, skill, and flexibility and includes best practice elements to help guarantee to better develop, deliver and evaluate training and training materials.

Accurate. Training materials should be prepared by qualified individuals, updated as needed, and facilitated by appropriately qualified and experienced individuals employing appropriate training techniques and methods.

Credible. Training facilitators tasked with evaluating and testing training material should be a subject matter expert in their field. They should also have experience training adults or experience working with the target population. Practical experience in the field as well as experience in training facilitation contribute to a higher degree of credibility.

Clear. Training programs must not only be accurate and believable, but they must also be clear and understandable to the participant. If the material is only understandable to someone with a college education or someone who understands the jargon, then the program falls short of meeting participants needs.

Training materials should be written in the language and grammar of the everyday speech the participants can understand. Training developers should ensure that readability and language choices match the intended audience.

Not all participants speak or adequately comprehend English. Instruction must be provided in the use of language in the training material the participant can understand. Similarly, if the participant’s vocabulary is limited or there is evidence of low literacy among participants, the training must account for that limitation.

Practical. Training programs should present information, ideas, and skills that participants see as directly useful in their working lives. Successful transfer of learning occurs when the participant can see how information presented in a training session can be applied in the workplace.

I am a qualified trainer and expert in my field and am passionate that good quality training/learning material ensures the success of the participant.

To ensure continued accuracy, I provide a service to review and test new or revised training materials for clarity and accuracy.

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