Time Management (or not)

According to Wikipedia: Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity

A lot has been written about time-management. The books and articles are great and give good tips and insight into managing time efficiently.

One thing that stands out and is not spoken about is why your time seems more important then anyone else’s?
So often attending a conference, training or meetings (you name it), in groups, one-on-one online or offline, someone will always mention how busy they are are. All to often they are short or irritated that they’ve had to attend and its noticeable in their actions and speech- their time is more important.

Life is busy! Did you stop to consider why your time is more important. Do you know how to manage your time efficiently?  Is your time more important or could you make some changes? Perhaps you’re not as focused as you should be.

Structure your day, fill in the time slots and don’t forget the all important breaks. Managing time effectively isn’t always simple. Your well meaning plan/s can go south pretty quickly especially when you rely on others, a team of people or family members. While it may not be directly their fault it does impact on your time-frames. Could you have made another choice or decision? Build on this opportunity and experience for next time.

Also, If you commit to a meeting request whether business or social, there should be full commitment and participation. Support the organiser. Don’t accept meeting requests if your calendar is full or you didn’t give proper attention to the what the meeting is about.

Take a moment before accepting a meeting request or engagement.

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