Student Training Evaluations Forms

Student training evaluation forms are an important part of the training environment. These evaluations forms are a benchmark for training and training delivery outcomes.

Asking students to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter is critical to the learning process; it is essential to evaluate whether the educational goals and standards of the training and lessons are being met.

Evaluation forms completed by the student is an integral part of instruction, it determines whether or not the goals of the course or subject are being met. They are a part of advancement, placement, instructional needs and could affect funding.

They should ask the hard questions such as:

  • Are we teaching the subject matter that is right for you, the level that you are at?
  • Are you learning what you are supposed to be learning?
  • Is the trainer pro-efficient in the subject matter; a subject matter expert?

Today’s workforce need to have excellent computer skills. The importance of subjects such as reading and arithmetic are the building blocks to being able to learn software applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The world continually changes and evolves. Students must be able to think critically, to analyze, and to reach a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning.

There will always be changes in the skills base and knowledge therefore our students need require new learning goals; these new learning goals change the relationship between assessment and instruction. Trainers need to take an active role in making decisions about the purpose of the training and content, equally if there are assessments and the content that is being assessed.

When evaulations work best, they consider the following:

Course and Course content

  • Did the course content match the students expectations?
  • Was the level of the course suitable?
  • Were the students needs met?
  • How was the level, pace and length of the course?
  • Were the assessments or exercises relevant?
  • Did the student learn anything new?
  • Can the student demonstrate and use the new skills in other projects?
  • Were the teaching methods or approaches effective?


  • Are the manuals, course content easy to follow?
  • Did the content cover the same content as was covered in the course?


  • Was the trainer prepared for the course?
  • Trainer’s knowledge of the software being trained ?
  • Was the trainer engaging and did the trainer ask questions ?
  • Did the trainer answer all your questions?
  • How was the trainers presentation skills?
  • Was the Trainer patient?


  • How was the Training room or space provided?
  • How was the equipment?
  • Was the environment conducive to learning?

All these aspects are motivators for students to want to continue learning.

The point of an evaluations form is not a broad society measure but rather in the context of the trainer, subject matter, venue and course content.

Student evaluation form questions that are asked and measured against an outcome of  1 – 5 or Good, Average, Poor etc (there are many variations) are suggesting that in each category the learner can distinguish the learning outcome, the venue, the trainer, the course material is as either excellent, somewhere in between or not at all.  They are not meant to measure a personal expectation and the perceived difficulty of acknowledging excellence or possibly even poor. The evaluation is whether the student acknowledges the outcome of what was learnt and understood, was comfortable asking questions and had a rapport with the trainer.

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