A transcription service is a business that converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are often provided for business, arbitration, legal or medical purposes.

There are variations of this service, however, they all result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. If you need any help choosing the right solution for your needs, I can help you.

I am flexible and can assist you with urgent work outside normal working hours including weekends.

Transcription services (English only)

  • Transcribing the source text only
  • Transcribing verbatim
  • Multiple speakers


The rates are a guideline and are very competitive.

Options Rates
(per Audio Min.)
Turnaround Time
(per Audio/Video hour)
Standard Rate R9.25
(Excl. VAT)
4 Working Days
(per 1 hr of audio)
Higher Rate R10.00 4 Working Days
(per 1 hr of audio)
Rush Rate R11.80
(Excl. VAT)
3 Working Days
(per 1 hr of audio

On completion your transcription will be delivered by email in Microsoft word format.

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