Paying Attention to Details

Secondary school students today are very fortunate to live in an era where they are constantly reminded about paying attention to small details.

For example, everyone knows how important a simple “period” or “comma” can be in a computer program or internet address. Forget a minor detail like that and you get nowhere.

Your grandparents and great grandparents didn’t know much about computers, but they too learned how important it was to pay attention to small details – especially when it came to dealing with people.

A machine is not very relevant in the whole scheme of your life. But people are – and the people you are about to meet in your quest for a career position will be paying attention to minor details that you may not realize are important.

A Hard Lesson to Learn: Even Harder to Teach

I hope this little story, demonstrates the meaning…

Joe used to visit a local store every Saturday to pick up a copy of the weekend paper. While he was there, he always picked up other merchandise and usually spent at least $30 or $40. One Saturday, when he returned home, he discovered that a section of the paper was missing. The same thing happened the following week. The next Saturday he brought the problem to the attention of the store manager who replied that the kid who puts the sections together was in a hurry and sometimes these things happen.

The store manager treated Joe’s concern as a minor inconvenience. Yet it wasn’t minor at all. You see, after that little incident, Joe no longer stopped at that store. He went to another store a little bit out of his way, but where the manager and staff took more care about the little details. Not only did the drug store lose Joe’s business with respect to the weekly paper, but Joe no longer purchased any other supplies from that store and his friends were reluctant to support the store as well. The store lost all of that business because they didn’t pay attention to details.

Its the Little Things That Count

We live in a world where anyone can get a degree or diploma. Employment is not based on education or qualification alone.  Employers often look for the “little things” when trying to determine who to hire.

In a practical work environment you should, check your work; create a check list. Take down messages by writing down important details such as the name, time of call and person’s contact details. Pass this information on straight away so that details are not lost or forgotten.

It could be as simple as a smile; opening the door for a stranger; the clothes you are wearing; or paying a compliment about something in the office.

The poem that follows may give you some motivation and food for thought that could be the difference for you down the road.

The Key To Success Is As Simple As Knowing Your A, B, C’s
Avoid working for just power & money
Be honest & reliable in everything you do
Choose your friends carefully…and be a good friend
Don’t be afraid to take risks
Establish goals and work towards them…step by step!
Free rides don’t exist…be prepared to pay a price
Get it done..and do it right the first time
Have confidence that you can make a difference
Invite constructive criticism…then listen and learn
Just doing enough to get by won’t get it done
Keep from making excuses..accept responsibility
Listen, learn and always work to improve your mind
Mean what you say and say what you mean
Never, ever give up on your dreams
Only one person can control you…and that’s you!
Play is just as important as work – have fun
Quality not quantity is what everyone really wants
Respect yourself…it’s the first step in respecting others
Sometimes…just slow down and smell the roses
Treat others with respect and they’ll respect you
Use your assets wisely and for good causes
Voice your opinions but be aware of the feelings of others
Work as hard and as smart as possible
Xpect obstacles…accept challenges and go for it
You are in charge of your own actions
Zero in on obstacles while you reach for the stars

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