Navigating The Office Dress Code

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about dressing for success.  In a business your appearance matters, your dress code reflects an image that tells others how to treat you. Dressing for success means you should consider your dress code and the value of first impressions.

Caleb Wells – Visual Consultant for T.M.Lewin agreed to write a guest blog post on dressing for success. Its time to upgrade your personal image!

We have all heard the age-old advice, to dress to impress. In the job hunt/interview process, this lesser considered step in preparation can have a big impact on how others perceive you.

It takes only a tenth of a second to form an impression of a complete stranger from only the appearance of their face and presence of their nonverbal behaviors. The majority of people subconsciously form an opinion of others within the first minute of an initial introduction. In a job interview this really raises the bar.

Office culture and employer dress codes can often feel as though you are navigating a maze. In many cases we wonder what really defines a dress code as business formal from business casual? For workforces in the past this subject was not as complex and far more uniformed.

Today, there are many more creative jobs, digital start-ups, shared work spaces, and a rise of on-trend offices. All complicating the question of what attire fits most appropriately. Of course, dress codes will vary across specific cities, positions, fields of work and company cultures. This topic is both subjective and circumstantial, it is an impactful factor that may persuade the outcome of an interview.

T.M.Lewin opened shop on Jermyn Street, London in 1898, becoming widely known for the invention of the coat shirt, the first shirt to feature buttons down the whole front length of the garment.

Fashion and workplaces have changed since 1898, T.M.Lewin continues to evolve as experts in business ready clothing. The button-down shirt has become a staple in professionalism, one that stands against the test of time. To continue to help professionals succeed in the working world, T.M.Lewin has crafted the style guide below. If you find yourself in need of further tips or a boost in professional confidence, take a look at the range of men’s shirts and women’s blouses tailored for any occasion.

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If you need help training your staff on how to dress for success then contact me here.

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