Keyboard: Ease of Access

Abstract computer keyboard - 3d render
Abstract computer keyboard – 3d render

Keyboard Access

Managing keyboard access is something most people don’t consider until the keys seem to stick.  Ease of access relates to the keyboard settings. Chances are pretty good that most users have never changed any of the default keyboard settings, probably because its an area most users would never consider checking.

Filter Keys

Holding down the shift button for 8 seconds or longer activates the filter keys because the setting is selected (tick box  ticked) by default.  To overcome this little irritation the setting should be deactivated, remove the tick from the tick box.

Deactivate Filter Keys

Click the start button, from the start menu panel select control panel. The control panel window opens, Click the Ease of Access Centre button.  The Ease of Access window opens, from the list displayed select Make the keyboard easier to use, which is where you adjust the settings.  Under the heading Make it easier to type deselect the check box Turn on filter keys.

When you’re done, don’t forget to Apply or Save your settings.

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