Key Features in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a Microsoft application that is included in the Microsoft Office Professional suite. Microsoft Publisher is software designed for desktop publishing purposes and offers great features. Publisher is part of the Microsoft Office suit and therefore seamlessly integrates with all other Microsoft application.

What a win!

Some of the Key Features

Detailed ruler and guides:

These tools provide a more precise way of using measurements.

The ruler settings can be changed to inches, centimentres, picas, points or pixels. By default the rulers are displayed both horizontally and vertically but they can be hidden.

Layout guides help you maintain the alignment of objects, such as pictures, text boxes, and tables. When enabled, the layout guides will give you visible guidance for greater mastery in aligning objects on the page. Shapes, Pictures, Text Boxes, Tables, WordArt, and Grouped objects can align using their edges or their midlines.

Layout guides include margin, column, row, and baseline guides


Create visually rich, professional-looking publications

  • Master pages:
  • Publisher integrates mail merge features, which is useful when you need to send publications to a list of customers
  • Export your project as HTML Web pages or PDF documents

Document Sharing

You can now easily share your publication, flyers and all things creative using the “Share” button that is in the backstage view in the left pane below Print. You can share by E-mail, Send Current Page, Send as Attachment, Send as PDF/XPS or first check by selecting Email Preview.

Export is another great feature and as this is a publishing app saves your publication as a compressed file and as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

  • You can create a PDF/XPS that preserves fonts, formatting and images without changing content and is available on the web with free viewers.
  • Publish to HTML
  • Instantly change the file type ie earlier version, PDF, template and a number of image file types.
  • Pack and Go gathers all of the images, fonts, colors and anything else included in your publication, and compresses and packages it together for you to take to a commercial printer or to move the publication file to another computer.

With all these great features, this is an attractive software application for any size office and very affordable.

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