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One of the websites I subscribe to is “”.  There is great information the writers share about interesting topics.  One of the most recent articles is about using Twitter to grow your business written by Bryan Haines, Guide to Online Business.  Here’s what he shares with us.

It seems that the follower count in Twitter is the most prized part of the account. And rightly so. It quantifies those who have raised their hand, so to speak, and volunteered to receive your updates.

Now the question is: How can I grow my following? How do I let people know what I know, so that they’ll want to follow me and my tweets? Here are 6 great ideas:

  • Retweet great, appropriate tweets
  • Follow followers of a user that you have something in common with
  • Post you Twitter link/username everywhere – email signature, business card, website and blog
  • Respect your followers – don’t flood them with sales messages or links to affiliates
  • Remember that you’re a professional – don’t tweet personal life to business clients
  • Automation software

Remember, it’s not all about how many – it’s also about how responsive they are. Who cares if you have a million followers, but no listeners?

For more innovative information follow the link to the website: On line business

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