Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

What are excel shortcut keys?  In years gone before the mouse became part of computers we could only product and print script with the keyboard.  Some of us use them every day to make our work flow smooth and consistent. I personally use some them all the time.  I call it “work smart”. Instead of continually moving my hands off the keyboard and grabbing the mouse to complete an action, typing keyboard shortcuts is quicker and definitely saves a lot of time.

During my training sessions especially Excel, I share keyboard shortcuts for those people who like using them and for many who never really thought about it.  Surprisingly most people and delegates are always keen to use them.

Excel shortcut Keys

I decided to apply myself to researching Excel shortcut keys and putting a list together, Excel being a very popular application.  I must admit that I did not try and reinvent the wheel (so to speak) and start from scratch.  Instead I checked the Microsoft website and found a very comprehensive list,  then added some of my own.

To access and share, click the link below and start working smart.

Excel 2007 CTRL combination shortcut keys

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