Document Formatting

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Document Formatting

Present yourself in a more professional way with polished documents.  Professional Document Formatting in Microsoft Word  – Reports, Annual reports, all documents.

Good writing is good communication. Good writing must be clear, concise, complete, and correct. Additionally a professionally formatted document is easy to understand and always clear.

My training background in Microsoft Office has given me all the tools so that I can assist you with formatting your document in Microsoft Word and help design the layout for text, tables, figures and references.

Send your

  • Material: manuals, thesis, reports etc
  • Style Guide (if you have a) manual and or guidelines specified by you, your organization, university or publisher
  • Forms: Design forms for your clients and restrict or permit formatting changes. When you distribute a document for clients to fill in and you don’t want them to change the document, you can restrict all or some content that cannot be changed.

This is all you have to do and I will help make your project a success by checking that all document elements are included. (e.g., title page, executive summary/abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, references and acknowledgements).

For long documents, I can create cross-references, tables of contents, lists of figures and lists of tables to easily manage page numbering along with Footnotes/EndNotes to manage your referencing. Styles can be customized exactly to meet your requirements.

I will build your business forms.

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