Creative Solutions to Training

I am a qualified, experienced computer trainer, versatile and very successful with a wealth of technical and desktop skills acquired across a wide range of applications. With over 15 years experience within the computer training industry I am always seeking new challenging opportunities to demonstrate my substantial abilities to make an effective contribution to successful, end user focused students.


  • End-user (Desktop),
  • A+ and MCP: 99843664
  • ICDL: ZA26912/ZA1227
  •  Assessor: RAS/09/2010/1373
  • Moderator: RMD/05/2010/365

Many Years as a Personal Assistant

Before I started working exclusively in the Computer training industry I spent many years as a Personal Assistant which meant that I was a user of many of the programs that I now train on. This gives me a rather unique perspective in my training because I am able to see matters from the perspective of the user, having been one myself for many years. I know so many of the practical issues that most standard training manuals and courses don’t ever touch on.

With my PA background and computer training skills of years earned in the “real” business world I am in a unique position to offer my services to businesses as well as consumers.

Enjoy All Types of Training

I enjoy working with groups of people in a formal classroom or training setting, but I also find great satisfaction teaching an 80 year old grandmother to use her e-mail so that she can stay in touch with her grandchildren overseas. I am used to consulting on a variety of applications and compatibility as well as training matters and have written material/manuals on Adobe In Design, Illustrator and Microsoft Visio and Moodle.

Highly Motivated

Enthusiastic and professional, quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to develop innovative and creative solutions to training and resolving problem areas. I use my own initiative and demonstrate high levels of motivation required to meet the demands of the most complex student/s whether in a group or individual environment.

Training is an integral part of any business and I am passionate and dedicated to the upliftment and skilling for people who are themselves enthusiastic, committed and motivated to make the transition from being a good employee to a great employee, better equipped in the workplace.