I am an Edupreneur and work in Information Technology and Services industry. Passionate about my business and my work.  Teaching computers – all levels across a variety of software applications online/e-learning. I write/edit learning material for both software apps and technical platforms.

Knowledge is there to be shared; the articles in my blog posts are written about everyday “stuff” that people generally get stuck with and don’t know how to resolve, deal with or fix.

Technoview provides e-learning for a collection of applications and used every day. We will grow your staff so you can grow your business.  With effective people resources you will create the most successful, productive employees. They’re the cream of the crop, often having the strongest stake in your company’s future.

We offer a variety of courses which is undertaken with a fusion and mix approach to strategic and creative business solutions which can be adapted to an individual, business/organisation, and student need. Education and training is understanding and building on your specific requirements.
Each individual student is not required to start at A and end at Z. We believe that successful and innovative interaction will assist with streamlining goals and objectives.

Diverse training initiatives is stepping over the boundaries of formal training, increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills.