8 Tips for being a Great Trainer

Great trainers are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. As a trainer you must be a subject matter expert and be able to engage with your students. You must have a great deal of patience, patience and more patience.

A great trainer has effective discipline skills and can promote positive behaviors and change in the classroom. A great trainer has good training room/classroom management skills and can ensure good student behavior, effective study and work habits, and an overall sense of respect in the training room/classroom.

What Makes a Great Trainer

  • expert communication skills.
  • superior listening skills.
  • deep knowledge and passion for their subject matter.
  • the ability to build caring relationships with students.
  • friendliness and approach-ability.
  • excellent preparation and organization skills.
  • strong work ethic.
  • community-building skills.

Each students learning capacity is different. A great trainer/teacher will actively engage and challenge students. Also, inspire them to take ownership of their own progress.

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