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Geraldine Somerset

Creative Solutions to Training I am a qualified, experienced computer trainer, versatile and very successful with a wealth of technical and desktop skills acquired across a wide range of applications. With over 15 years experience...

Accredited Assessor and Moderator

All assessors and moderators must first and foremost be qualified as such. To become a qualified assessor or moderator the candidate must first be trained as a facilitator (or trainer).  Following training the candidate must...

Training Material Evaluation and Testing

Best Practices for Development, Delivery, and Evaluation. Being a good training provider takes preparation, skill, and flexibility and includes best practice elements to help guarantee to better develop, deliver and evaluate training and training materials....
Microsoft Excel Formula Bar
The Formula Bar is an essential or fundamental part of Microsoft Excel and shows what is in a cell, values (numbers), text or formula. The...
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Zoom Security. Keep your Video Conferencing Safe
Zoom is taking more steps to improve the security of its video conferencing app, after facing massive criticism about the lack of privacy and security...
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How to Use Zoom – Getting Started
Do you know how to use Zoom? Many people have used Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangouts before so the switch to Zoom won't be...
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Excel Number Format
Excel number formats can seem quite scary. This topic will help you better understand the way Excel number formatting works. You will be able to...
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8 Tips for being a Great Trainer
Great trainers are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. As a trainer you must be a subject matter expert and be able to engage with your...
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Choose an activity aimed at bettering your job performance. My training and development can be described as an educational process that involves sharpening your skills, concepts, changing your attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance your performance.
Think of it as a capital investment.

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